Thanks for visiting, and welcome to my new project.

I’ve been publishing on the web – including this domain jonathanhtodd.com – for years, mostly about finance, economics, and business (RIP spotexchanges.net, 2017-2017). If you still want some of my traditional snark-filled commentary on stock markets and economics, please check me out on Twitter.

But this is a pivot. This is my own personal creative sandbox. I’ll be publishing some of my creative work here, including photography – both digital and film – and video.


But… my goal is to not share just my own work.

First, I want to use this as a way to build a community. I want to learn from others who are better artists, photographers, filmmakers, and editors.

But I also want to weave in the hows and whys around art, technology, and design:

  • Why do companies make the design choices they do?
  • How do companies use design and technology to create engaging, addictive digital products?
  • Why do we love beautiful things, even though they are made of digits?

For example, we all love Instagram. t’s a great tool within a wide spectrum of uses: from killing time all the way to building your own brand and showcasing your work. But why is it engaging? What are some unique ways people are using Instagram to build their own businesses? How is Instagram marketing to me, and is it effective? And is it a better medium than Snapchat?

My creative sandbox

The visual medium side of things is certainly a hobby – my day job is writing about… finance and economics. But the dive into creative side has been incredibly rewarding, engaging. I have had a lot of fun in recent years picking up new mediums like film photography, and learning new styles and techniques in digital photography and film editing.

I hope you find this as rewarding and engaging as I do.

And please, follow me on:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube, where I’ll be starting with a clean slate and publishing more short films there soon.