November Update: Smart contracts and Solidity

I made good on my promise to myself to learn more about crypto and blockchain.

My last month was mostly filled with the Buildspace Solidity + Smart Contracts project. It was really well done and I look forward to taking more from Buildspace.

Am I going to go all in on Ethereum after that project? No. I still think that a lot of the most mentioned crypto and blockchain use cases don’t even require crypto or blockchain at all. It’s more often than not a solution in search of a problem.

But I hope the whole ecosystem continues to develop because there may be some value to come out of it.

What are my biggest takeaways after the Solana project?

First, I like to think I’m fairly technically minded. I’m not a software engineer by any stretch, but I really try to understand the ideas and concepts behind the software and code that drives technology and ideas and business forward.

But I’m not representative of everyone – and there’s no way that smart contracts, at least in their current form, can take off broadly. There’s a big UI and UX problem with blockchain.

Second, I’m trying to understand how this scales more broadly. I’m currently reading Nathaniel Popper’s book about Bitcoin, and even a lot of the early Bitcoin advocates didn’t trust themselves with private keys. And a lot of them are actually developers! So what’s the point of decentralization when peoples own preferences and tendencies drift toward centralized organizations?

What’s next?

I would really like to make an effort to finish the AWS Machine Learning certification next. I also would like to brush up on some of my Python and SQL fundamentals but I felt like I lost momentum on AWS ML with the blockchain project, and I need to focus on one thing at a time.

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