Adobe Premiere Rush: First Impressions

Adobe released its Premiere Rush app today. It’s a scaled-down version of the full-fledged Premiere, designed for YouTubers and social creators. But is it right for you?

Here are the highlights from the video:

Adobe released Premiere Rush today, it’s on-the-go video editor.

A few quick first thoughts about the concept – it’s really great. If you have been editing video on your phone, chances are you’ve been using Apple’s iMovie app. It’s… adequate. But it is incredibly frustrating after you’ve been using something like the full-fledged Adobe Premiere for awhile. So it’s great that Adobe has gone ahead and released a scaled-down version of Premiere, which we all know and love.

But it’s exactly that – scaled down. It’s nice you can now use a timeline-based video editing app on your phone. And not only that, but it will sync to your desktop version of Premiere, so you can start on your phone, and most likely refine and finish on your laptop.

A few other features:

  • Transitions between videos are nice, along with color grading. Still though, these are going to be hugely limited compared to what you’re doing on the desktop version. You get three transition types. Color grading is limited to 12 presets, though you can use your own presets from your desktop version, or you can adjust sliders like you would in any other editing program.
  • You can add titles from Adobe’s own stock. The only problem – it’s damn near impossible to edit some of the smaller text areas. Please Adobe, let me edit from the dropdown, not directly on the playhead. It gets really difficult to put the cursor in the right spot to delete the word. We can partly blame Apple for its insistence to exclude a delete key on its keyboard, but that’s another video altogether.
  • Audio uses Adobe Sensei, which automatically adjusts the volume of the background music during voiceovers. On your voiceovers, you can even balance out the sound, reduce background noise, just like the desktop.
  • You can change your setup for your video to be vertical or horizontal. So it is finally easy to edit video specifically for IGTV. Is this the beginning of the IGTV boom? I’m… skeptical.
  • I did have some trouble syncing to my desktop. Only a few of the assets – like the voiceovers – came through. Not sure if that’s a bug, or if there’s some other connection I might have to make.
  • I also had trouble exporting from my phone. I eventually had to export in 720p because 1080p kept crashing the app. But, I’m using an ancient iPhone 6+, so that’s not really a surprise. But hopefully future updates will take care of that. 

Look, it’s great to have Adobe timeline video editing on my phone. It’s just going to be limited. No keyframing, making cuts is just kind of difficult, there’s no rate tool so you can’t speed or slow video to fit a certain length.
But it is a LOT better than iMovie. I’ll definitely be using this when I edit video on my phone, but I’m just not sure how often that’ll be. In the Instagram Stories era, why do you need to cut footage in the first place?

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