Adobe is killing it; Thank you, creators

Adobe’s quarterly earnings yesterday showed a continuation of a longer-running trend: the Creative Cloud is an unstoppable force.

A few quick highlights from the report and some analyst reactions:

  • The transition to the Creative Suite was a huge question mark, but that story is over – now the company has been adding users like gangbusters. Stock analysts talked up Creative Cloud’s growth, which was up 28% over the past year. That’s a lot more people taking up photography, videography, and web design. Hell yeah.
  • The subscription model really works! That was a huge question over the past few years, but Adobe gets it. It’s also why Apple is pushing app developers to sell on a subscription basis – that works well for consumers who want to test products, and works great for the companies, who have to continuously update their software and make it better for the consumer.

This is all fantastic stuff. Hopefully it’s a good signal that there are just more people out there creating fantastic art.

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