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When political consolidation hurts: Brexit version

Theresa May should get a full vote of confidence from the Tories, but will that actually result in real policy? Ask Donald Trump.

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The British pound spikes on May vote, but will economics ultimately prevail?

Theresa May wants a hard Brexit, and that’s what she’ll get. But what does the pound say?

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Populism and Globalization: Short-run, Long-run, and Also-Ran

Use all the macroeconomic models to point out the flaws of anti-globalization you’d like, it’s only going to add fuel to the fire.

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Mario Draghi Needs To Go Big With ECB QE – Just Look At The Performance Of The EU Versus The US and UK

The eurozone’s slow can be attributed to missteps in monetary policy, especially compared to the US and UK. A bold ECB QE program can solve it.

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Step One Of A British Exit? Angela Merkel Calls Out David Cameron On Immigration Rules

David Cameron’s stance against the free movement of labor across the Eurozone has run up against an ultimatum from Angela Merkel. Could a British exit come next?

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German Demand For EU Austerity: It’s Bad, But German Politics Are The Biggest Threat To The EU

Germany’s Demand for EU Austerity is wrong – but internal politics may be the catalyst that threatens the EU project

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The Grossly Misguided Myth of “Post-Industrial America”

The narrative of “Post-Industrial America” – with jobs and production have been shipped overseas – is not only wrong, it’s dangerous.

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