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What the real fed funds rate says about the U.S. economy

The real fed funds rate has sat below zero since the Financial Crisis. What does this mean for the U.S. economy?

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BlackRock’s Isabelle Mateos y Lago on an unstable France, even if Macron wins the presidency

This result should lead to a material reduction in perceived political risk in Europe. We do expect some risk premium to linger until legislative elections in June. Both Macron and Le Pen are not part of the mainstream parties that have dominated French politics in the Fifth Republic for nearly 60 years. If Macron becomes France’s next president, he may struggle to implement his agenda without a stable parliamentary majority.

BlackRock: The market implications of the French vote

Where Does the Dollar Go From Here?

The dollar has become the bellwether for the Trump administration’s economic policies, but it’s unclear where the greenback will go from here.

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Watching the Post-Election 2/10 Spread

The spread between 2-year and 10-year Treasuries provides a good benchmark for how investors feel about the Trump administration.

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The Puerto Rico Debt Default Probably Doesn’t Hurt Your Portfolio, But Don’t Ignore It

Investors may not take a hit directly from the Puerto Rico debt default, but there are still lessons to be drawn.
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Slow and Low: Why Is Productivity Growth Flatlining?

Productivity growth has stalled – are we measuring it wrong? Or can we really do less with more? The service economy and inequality might be to blame.

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Private Equity, Mitt Romeny, and Donald Trump: Lessons in Inconsistency

Watch any given night of coverage leading up to the Iowa Caucus, and you wish for those halcyon days of the Romney/Ryan tickets: two clearly smart people with quite different, yet relevant, skill sets, running as the GOP ticket. While one day Mitt’s dangerous streak was on full display – he could get pinpoint his message with full detail without seeming pedantic or professorial, like Obama – the next day, he seemed to have all the grace of a three year old petting a puppy.

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The Silliness of the 3 Page Tax Code

The 3 page tax code is simply fantasy. The tax code should be simplified, but a dose of realism is first needed.

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A Greek Bailout Doesn’t Fix The Biggest Eurozone Problem: Germany’s Current Account

Mercifully, the standoff with Greece seems to be coming to an end. Biz-casual Alexis Tsipras is acceding to many of the demand of his country’s creditors, which means a Greek bailout is coming, and the Greeks will live to see another day.

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No, It’s Not A Given Treasury Yields Will Rise In 2015

Treasury yields have been falling for 30 years. Despite commentary suggesting otherwise, 2015 may not be the year the trend reverses.

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