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Network Infrastructure, Not Content, Should Be They Key Concern In Net Neutrality Debate

In Net Neutrality, the ISP vs. content provider argument is important – but we should instead focus on how it could build better broadband infrastructure.

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On This Apple Day, Let’s Remind Ourselves That Blackberry Is Still Alive

They may not be the giant they were in those halcyon pre-iPhone days, but Blackberry is still kicking around, and the market respects what they are doing.

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Are There Any Truly ‘Millennial Brands?’

Companies want to cater to Millennials by touting social and environmental associations, yet there remains a disconnect. Are there any truly Millennial brands?

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Burger King Tim Hortons Deal By The Numbers: How Much Value Can Be Unlocked By Lower Taxes?

The Burger King Tim Hortons deal is official – and yet whether or not this is a tax inversion deal is still disputed. What do their financials say?

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Dillard’s and the Anatomy of a 5000% Post-Crisis Stock Return

Dillard’s (NYSE: DDS) stock is up nearly 5000% since its low during the Financial Crisis. How did the company turn it around to become a retail leader? Continue reading

Digital Advertising: Hope Is Not A Strategy, But Being Dynamic Is

Megan McArdle’s recent piece, “Online Journalism is Suffering Print’s Fate,” argues that digital advertising has become a money pit, and that advertisers are finally realizing that it creates little – if not negative – value, which spells certain death for the traditional digital model.

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