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These 4 charts explain what the betting markets say about the French presidential election

Sunday April 23rd is the first day of the French presidential election. Betting markets are expecting a different race than the polls.

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When political consolidation hurts: Brexit version

Theresa May should get a full vote of confidence from the Tories, but will that actually result in real policy? Ask Donald Trump.

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The British pound spikes on May vote, but will economics ultimately prevail?

Theresa May wants a hard Brexit, and that’s what she’ll get. But what does the pound say?

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Where Does the Dollar Go From Here?

The dollar has become the bellwether for the Trump administration’s economic policies, but it’s unclear where the greenback will go from here.

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Watching the Post-Election 2/10 Spread

The spread between 2-year and 10-year Treasuries provides a good benchmark for how investors feel about the Trump administration.

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Economic Growth Matters. So Does Inequality.

Politicians should focus on growing the economy to help those left behind. But that’s not enough – inequality still looms large over capitalism.
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Make Political Economy Great Again

Economics has isolated itself to pure mathematics. We could use a bit more political economy, the philosophical style of yesterday’s economists like Schumpeter and Marshall.

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The Universal Basic Income Crowd is a Cult. But So Are EITC Expansion Supporters.

Support for the UBI is often irrational, but the EITC also has its warts. Both change incentive structures around wages, which can bring big economic risks.
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The Great Rotation Is Happening, Except At America’s Biggest Pension Fund

CalPERS, the country’s largest public pension fund, is getting out of stocks just as everyone else is buying. Why the fund is bucking “The Great Rotation.”

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Morning Minutes: December 20, 2016

Economic uncertainty is rising. Geopolitical tensions are churning. And the financial burdens of having young children (but we still love them).

Here’s what you need to know this morning.

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